Training of Trainers Workshops

The Training of Trainers Workshop (TOT) is designed to build capacity among reef managers to better address the impacts of global climate change and other stressors at local scales, with an emphasis on building resilience into daily management activities and the design of marine protected areas. The workshop is designed to train participants so that they can provide support and information to other coral reef managers working within their region that act as critical “nodes” within the Reef Resilience Network, enhancing linkages among managers within the region.

workshop participants

Zanzibar 2013 workshop © Cherie Wagner/TNC

A TOT workshop has three main components:

  • Participants begin by taking the 12-week mentored Reef Resilience Online Course.
  • In person training through a five-day workshop that focuses on solidifying the concepts covered in the online course, learning facilitation skills and developing a training project.
  • Completion of a Trainer's Project at their site after the workshop. Competitive small grants of up to US $2,000 per trainer are available for implementation of their training plans.

Additional Workshop Highlights and Background

  • Facilitation and mentoring by regional and global experts in coral reef management
  • An atmosphere of exchange and creative problem solving
  • Distribution of new and useful resources to participants (e.g., Resilience Toolkit, Reef Manager’s Guide to Bleaching)
  • Held globally and assembles managers and practitioners from across specific regions to learn and share ideas that will lead to more effective long-term coral reef management
map showing location of training workshops 2010-2013

The above map shows the locations of our 4 Training of Trainer’s Workshops from 2010-2013 and locations of the participants.

These trainings were made possible by the generous support of the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Upcoming Workshops

2013 trainer's guide

The training curriculum for the Training of Trainers is currently under revision and a new version will be launched in December 2014. Coral reef managers and practitioners from the region where the workshop is hosted are eligible to participate. Participants are selected through a competitive application process. Individuals are often selected in pairs from each attending country so that they can work together after the workshop to support projects in their area.

Click the image to download our 2013 Trainer’s Guide to Reef Resilience and Climate Change.


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