Through the Reef Resilience Network, managers and scientists around the world share lessons learned when incorporating resilience principles into coral reef and reef fisheries management activities.

Explore these case studies highlighting successful management strategies by selecting one from the map or list below, or using the search functions. Please contact us to share progress on your case study or if you have a project you’d like to feature.

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Case Studies

Australia – Monitoring Reef Resilience

Using Resilience Assessments to Inform the Design of Marine Protected Areas in Australia

Locations: Pacific

Bahamas – Ecological Restoration

Working to Increase Reef Resilience to Climate Change through Coral Restoration in the Bahamas

Locations: Caribbean

Belize – Fisheries Management

Protecting Reef Grazers to Enable Coral Reef Recovery: An Innovative Coral Reef Management Approach in Belize

Locations: Caribbean

Belize – Community Engagement

Community Researcher Program Builds Reef Stewardship in Belize

Locations: Caribbean

Belize – Community Engagement

Freshwater Cup Soccer and Environmental Competition Builds Reef Stewardship in Belize

Locations: Caribbean

Belize – Fisheries Management

Belize Lobster and Conch Fisheries: Collective Impact of Managed Access Program Puts Fisheries on Path to Recovery

Locations: Caribbean

Bonaire – Invasive Species

Pro-active Approach to Combat the Invasion of the Indo-Pacific Lionfish by the Bonaire National Marine Park

Locations: Caribbean

Bonaire – Land-Based Pollution

Wastewater Treatment and Fishing Legislation in Bonaire

Locations: Caribbean

British Virgin Islands – MPA Design

Creation of a Marine Protected Area Network to Protect of Underwater Habitats in the British Virgin Islands

Locations: Caribbean

Coral Triangle – Tourism & Recreation

Reducing Local and Direct Environmental Impacts Associated with Diving and Snorkelling Tourism Activities to Increase Reef Resilience

Ecuador – Fisheries Management

Patrolling Paradise: The Evolution of Enforcement in the Galapagos

Locations: Pacific

Fiji – Ecological Restoration

Using Coral Restoration and Ecotourism to Increase Local Participation and Financial Benefits of Resource Management Efforts

Locations: Pacific

Florida – Ecological Restoration

Coral Propagation and Restoration to Aid the Recovery of Populations of Acropora Corals Throughout Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Locations: Caribbean

Florida – Monitoring Reef Resilience

Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change in the Florida Reef Tract

Locations: Caribbean

Florida – Disturbance Response

Disturbance Response and Monitoring program in action in the Florida Keys

Locations: Caribbean

Grenada – Coastal Resilience

At the Water’s Edge (AWE): Enhancing Coastal Resilience in Grenada

Locations: Caribbean

Hawaii – Coral Disease

Detection of a Coral Disease Outbreak in Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi and Lessons for the Future

Locations: Pacific

Hawaii – Fisheries Management

Managing Fisheries for Reef Resilience: Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area

Locations: Pacific

Hawaii – Fisheries Management

Monitoring Coral Reef Communities in Hawai‘i’s First Herbivore Protection Area

Locations: Pacific

Hawaii – Invasive Species

Building Reef Resilience Through Invasive Algae Removal and Urchin Biocontrol in Kāne‘ohe Bay

Locations: Pacific

Honduras – Invasive Species

Partnering to Manage Lionfish in the Bay Islands, Honduras

Locations: Caribbean

Honduras – MPA Design

Supporting and Managing Resilient Systems in the Bay Islands, Honduras

Locations: Caribbean

Indonesia – MPA Design

Designing a Robust and Resilient Marine Protected Area Network in Lesser Sunda Ecoregion – Indonesia

Indonesia – MPA Design

Building Resilience into Large-scale Marine Protected Area Networks in the Global Center of Marine Biodiversity

Topics: MPA Design

Indonesia – MPA Management

Management Plan of Wakatobi National Park Leads to Increased Stakeholder Engagement Through Monitoring Efforts

Kenya – Disturbance Response

Coral Bleaching Response and Monitoring in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Madagascar – Communication

Social Marketing Campaign Engages Madagascar Fishing Villages in Sustainable Fishing Practices

Madagascar – Social Resilience

Boosting Marine Conservation Efforts Through Voluntary Family Planning

Madagascar – Sustainable Livelihoods

Farmers of the Sea – Sea Cucumber Farming as an Alternative to Fishing

Malaysia – Communication

Managing Communication to Mitigate Potential Damage of Coral Reef Bleaching

Malaysia – MPA Management

Eco-tourism Supports Marine Conservation Area in Malaysia

Malaysia & Thailand – Disturbance Response

Temporary Reef Site Closures During Coral Bleaching Thermal Stress

Mesoamerican Reef – MPA Design

Designing an Effective MPA For Multi-Country Mesoamerican Reef

Locations: Caribbean
Topics: MPA Design

Micronesia – MPA Design

Designing a Marine Protected Area Network in the Federated States of Micronesia

Locations: Pacific
Topics: MPA Design

Micronesia – Predator Outbreaks

A Well-Developed Community-Based Marine Protected Area Proves Resilient to a Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star Outbreak

Locations: Pacific

Mozambique – Monitoring Reef Resilience

Using Reef Resilience Assessments to Inform Marine Reserve Design in Mozambique

Northern Mariana Islands – Land-Based Pollution

Comprehensive Watershed Improvements in Laolao Bay, Saipan

Locations: Pacific

Northern Mariana Islands – Monitoring Reef Resilience

Field-based Assessments of Coral Reef Resilience to Climate Change in Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Locations: Pacific

Pacific Islands – Stakeholder Engagement

Capturing and Sharing Knowledge to Advance Community-Based Marine Conservation

Locations: Pacific

Palau – Land-Based Pollution

Community Support for Watershed Management Leads to Ridges to Reefs Protection in Palau

Palau – MPA Design

Designing a Marine Protected Area Network in Palau

Palau – Fisheries Management

Reforming Palau’s Data-Poor Reef Fisheries through Community-Based Approaches

Papua New Guinea – Communication

Youth Awareness Campaigns to Promote Marine Conservation in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea – Fisheries Management

Shared Benefits of Protecting Fish Spawning Aggregations Leads to Cooperative Management

Papua New Guinea – MPA Design

Designing a Resilient MPA in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea

Seychelles – Coral Restoration

Reef Rescuers: Coral Gardening as an MPA Management Tool

Seychelles – Fisheries Management

Making Use of Acoustic Telemetry to Improve Management of Spawning Aggregation Fishery in the Seychelles

Sint Maarten – MPA Design

The Establishment of Man of Shoals Marine Park in Sint Maarten, Caribbean

Locations: Caribbean

Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea – Community Engagement

Participatory 3D Modeling (P3DM) to Support Climate Preparedness and Response in the Pacific

Locations: Pacific

South Africa – Fisheries Management

South African Small-Scale Fisheries Project Links Fishing Co-op to Markets and Models Value Chain Innovation for New Fishery Law

Sri Lanka – Sustainable Livelihoods

Sustainable Livelihoods Enhancement and Diversification to Reduce Pressure on the Bar Reef Ecosystem

Tanzania – MPA Management

The Establishment of a Marine Eco-Park to Conserve Reefs and Support Environmental Education in Tanzania

Tobago – Disturbance Response

A Bleaching Response Plan Leads to Increased Protection of Tobago’s Reefs

Locations: Caribbean

Tonga – Land-Based Pollution

Coastal Reforestation in Tonga to Protect Agricultural Areas and Coastlines

Locations: Pacific

U.S. Virgin Islands – Disturbance Response

The U.S. Virgin Islands BleachWatch Program

Locations: Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands – Resilience Assessment

Assessing the Relative Resilience of the Coral Reefs of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Locations: Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands – Fisheries Management

Reef Responsible Sustainable Seafood Initiative – A Market-Driven Approach to a Sustainable Seafood Industry in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Locations: Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands – MPA Management

How do we use our Marine Space? Mapping Human Uses of the East End Marine Park

Locations: Caribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands – Social Resilience

US Virgin Islands Climate Change Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Guidance: Promoting Resilient Coastal and Marine Communities

Locations: Caribbean

Vietnam – Fisheries Management

Vietnam Blue Swimmer Crab Fishery Project Gains Buy-In at Critical Points in the Supply Chain