Effective communication with a variety of stakeholders is essential for any successful marine resource management or conservation strategy. To achieve this, we need communication that is deliberate, informed by research, and integrated into projects up front. Communication techniques should be used as tools to create change from the very beginning, rather than a way to update your audience on progress after the fact.

We’ve hand-picked tools and tips for successful communication to help you reach your conservation goals. See the sections below for guidance on developing a strategic communication plan; information on how and when to use social marketing; guidance on how to facilitate meetings effectively; and talking points to help communicate effectively about key topics related to our work as marine resource managers.

Banner photo credits (left to right): Hawaii DAR, Kevin Arnold, The Nature Conservancy, Erika Nortemann, Sean Green

Communication Planning Process

We’ve demystified strategic communication and simplified the planning process so you can work on your own project as you learn. Stream-lined content, worksheets, and quizzes help you get started. Learn more.

Try Wait Campaign

Visual Design

Learn how effective visual design can help you reach your communication and conservation goals. Learn more.


Palau training
Social Marketing

Learn how to apply concepts from this exciting field that combines marketing principles and social science. Learn more.


Do you work collaboratively or seek input from stakeholders? If the answer is yes, then you’ll want to check out these resources for how to plan and execute effective meetings and boost your facilitation skills. Learn more.

Talking Points

Being a messenger is tough; we can all use a little help. Explore our talking points for helpful tips on how best to respond to difficult questions about coral reefs. Learn more.


Last updated September 28, 2018

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