Resilience Trainings are designed to the build capacity of coral reef managers to implement resilience based management strategies. Participants receive expert mentorship and connect with managers in their region. We recently hosted the Caribbean Coral Reef Resilience Training from June 1-5, 2015 in Puerto Rico.

A Resilience Training has three main components:

  • 12-week mentored Reef Resilience Online Course
  • In person training through a five-day workshop that focuses on solidifying one or two main focus areas covered in the online course and building facilitation skills and communication skills
  • Development and completion of a Resilience Project at their site after the workshop. Competitive small grants of up to US $2,000 per participant are available for implementation of projects


Additional Highlights:

  • Facilitation and mentoring by regional and global experts in coral reef management
  • An atmosphere of exchange and creative problem solving
  • Distribution of new and useful resources to participants
  • Connects managers and practitioners from across specific regions to learn and share ideas that will lead to more effective long-term coral reef management



Coral reef managers and practitioners from the region where the workshop is hosted are eligible to participate. Participants are selected through a competitive application process. Individuals are often selected in pairs from each attending country so that they can work together after the workshop to support projects in their area.


Past Trainings

Training of Trainers Workshops


Locations of our 4 Training of Trainers workshops from 2010-2013 and locations where workshop participants work.


workshop participants

Zanzibar 2013 workshop. © Cherie Wagner/TNC

Training of Trainers (TOTs) workshops took place in the Caribbean (2010), Pacific (2011), SE Asia (2012) and Western Indian Ocean (2013) regions.

TOTs are designed to build capacity among reef managers to train stakeholders and other managers within their region on resilience principles.



Click Here to download our 2013 Trainers Guide to Reef Resilience and Climate Change. The TOT trainings were made possible by the generous support of the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


Trainer’s Projects

After participating in the Training of Trainers workshops in the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, and Western Indian Ocean, participants were able apply for up to $2000 in seed funding to lead a training or project in their area. To date, 39 participants have been funded, and have reached over 1000 individuals in 24 countries. These projects have included:

  • Training the diving and tourism industry to participate in bleaching monitoring and response plans
  • Training primary, secondary, and tertiary level teachers in reef resilience so that they can incorporate it into national curriculum
  • Training national park/MPA rangers on coral bleaching, disease, monitoring, MPA design, and community mapping
  • Educational outreach to communities on lionfish eradication, MPAs, climate change, and coral reef health


Browse the maps below to see the broad reach of the trainer’s projects:

Trainings led by participants in the Caribbean Training of Trainers workshop have taken place in Tobago, the Bahamas, Colombia (2), and the US Virgin Islands.

Trainings led by participants in the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia Training of Trainers workshop have taken place in Hawaii, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Fiji, American Samoa, Independent Samoa, the Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu; and in Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines (2), and Indonesia (3).

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