Building Restoration Programs to Withstand Hurricanes: Lessons Learned from Irma and Maria

As coral restoration programs are developed, a great deal of thought goes into site selection and design of nurseries and outplant sites to ensure success. Until this past summer, one of the considerations, “can our sites withstand a direct hit from a hurricane” has been mostly theoretical. Hear experts from Florida and the Caribbean discuss impacts from hurricanes Irma and Maria, what worked and what didn’t, and what they will do in the future to mitigate impacts both to coral nurseries and outplant sites.

Assisted Evolution: A Novel Tool to Overcome the Conservation Crisis?

This symposium was live streamed as part of the Coral Restoration Consortium webinar series in conjunction with The Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and “The Future Ocean” cluster in Kiel. Speakers shared information on new approaches for the conservation of coral reefs such as assisted colonization and assisted evolution and synthetic biology.

Restoration Workshop Live Stream

This live stream of the Coral Reef Ecosystem Restoration Workshop at the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force meeting features two panels highlighting research and restoration of sponge and coral communities and herbivore populations to promote the health and vitality of reef ecosystems.

New Techniques for Coral Restoration in the Caribbean

Hear experts from the Global Coral Restoration Project provide an overview of coral restoration efforts around the world and discuss current obstacles and potential solutions. This seminar kicks off an in-person workshop designed to foster exchange between practitioners working in the fields of coral science, restoration, aquaculture and marine resource management.

Coral Genetics Research and Restoration

Hear Dr. Iliana Baums from Penn State University present an overview of current genetics research, highlighting various methods of genetic analysis and providing guidance on when it is appropriate to use each method and how it can help support restoration work.

Coral Spawning Research & Larval Propagation

This webinar and discussion highlights coral spawning research and larval propagation techniques being used in the Caribbean. The recording includes presentations from researchers, Kristen Marhaver, Valerie Chamberland and Nicole Fogarty, on the benefits, successes and challenges of coral spawning work followed by a Q&A and discussion session.

Workshop to Advance the Science and Practice of Coral Restoration

This workshop was held November 15-17, 2016. The goal of this workshop is to foster collaboration and technology transfer among coral restoration scientists, practitioners, and managers, and initiate a community of practice that continues to address the evolving role of active coral restoration in the evolutionary history of coral reef ecosystems.

Discussion Forum

To further explore the seminar presentations and learn about coral restoration from the experts join the conversation on the online discussion Forum. Go to ‘Groups’ to find the Coral Restoration Consortium Group. Not yet a member? Join here.

WIO Reef Restoration Exchange

The exchange covered coral reef restoration projects in the Western Indian Ocean, Reef Resilience Network resources, and next steps to be followed by the WIO coral reef network/task forces.

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Last updated March 13, 2018

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