Monitoring coral restoration efforts is essential to promote effective restoration techniques and to quantify success. In this working group, we ask the following questions. How do we efficiently scale up restoration monitoring? What are the data needed to determine success (or failure) of restoration efforts? The Coral Restoration Consortium steering committee and working group members have defined the following priorities for the group:

  • Develop or adapt existing protocols to formulate a best practices or guidelines document for monitoring coral restoration projects. This will be a reference for practitioners, managers, and scientists. Guidelines will be developed in different tiers  from the colony level to the reef, and ecosystem levels
  • Identify program monitoring and metrics to address what makes a restoration program successful
  • Identify remote monitoring techniques (e.g. orbital, manned aerial, and drones) that can be widely adopted, and help CRC members develop the capacity for implementation
  • Identify geographic locations where restoration efforts are taking place, and relate to geographic locations of ecosystem monitoring efforts
  • Facilitate the development of an open access shared database of restoration monitoring data


What We’re Working On

  • Planning an in-person core group meeting to flesh out success criteria and Best Management Practices.
  • Creating a geo-referenced database of coral nurseries and restoration sites.
  • Reviewing coral restoration success metrics across different scales.


Call Schedule

See the calendar here for call dates. Calls are on Thursdays at 2:00 PM (EST).


Call Information

Join the call through your computer or by phone in the US: +1 (312) 757-3117.  Access Code: 865-567-549.


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Last updated May 29, 2018

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